About Us

Epic Steel's President and founder, Jonathan Jennings, has fifteen years of experience in metal roll-forming manufacturing throughout the Intermountain West. Jonathan's standards for Epic Steel represent the top industry markers for performance, attention to detail and personal customer satisfaction on every order, every time. A visit to our facility in Missoula, Montana will offer you the opportunity to view our gallery of completed projects and talk with our staff about your upcoming project.  Your Epic Steel metal roof will exceed your expectations, in every way.

Epic Steel is Montana’s best source for top quality metal roofing and siding materials. Epic Steel manufactures your custom order in just 1 – 2 days, to your exacting specifications. Exceptional customer service at Epic Steel is our standard.


Roofing, Siding and Trim are packaged using protective packaging to help protect the Goods in shipping and handling. Storage Recommendations are provided at the front office to help insure the Goods are stored correctly before installation.

Storage Instructions

If metal roofing or siding panels are not to be used immediately, the panels should be stored in a dry place. It should be unbundled and stood on end, indoors if possible. It is very important to store the panels in a dry, well ventilated area. If the product cannot be stored indoors, elevate one end of the bundle to allow any moisture to run off while being stored. Do not store panels in direct contact with the ground. Make sure to put some type of block under the load when set it on the ground. Ensure that there is good air flow around the entire bundle to avoid moisture buildup around the bundle. Moisture trapped between the panels will cause paint to bubble and white rust to form on unpainted panels. Epic Steel Corp. assumes no liability for panels that are not properly stored.

White Rust / Oxidation

White rust on bare galvanized metal is the result of zinc oxidation in the absence of air or oxygen. This occurs in coil or bundles of sheet metal that are nested and absorb moisture from humidity in the air or direct rainfall. The oxidation appears as a white chalky buildup on the surface of the metal. This can be stopped by applying a vinegar solution or light oil, such as WD-40.

Panel Cutting

When cutting painted panels, ensure the metal particles and fragments do not end up on the painted surface. Metal particles on the painted surface will result in rusting and pitting in that area. Epic Steel Corp. suggests that the panel be turned upside down and all cutting be done looking at the backside of the material. Installers should be certain to wipe away any debris from the material after cuts to prevent this problem. Panels should be cut in an area where the metal particles do not end up on other panels or building materials. Failure to remove metal particle from the panels results in a Voided Warranty.

Gauging System

Epic Steel Corp. follows the national A.I.S.I. (American Iron and Steel Institute) specification manual for tolerances in galvanized sheet steel. All gauges conform to ASTM A446 Grade E (80,000 min. yield) unless otherwise designated at time of order.