Terms and Conditions

Acceptance, Inspection & Claims
Buyer shall inspect the goods immediately on their arrival and shall, within seven (7) days, give written notice to seller of any claim that the goods do not conform with the terms of the agreement and describe every defect.  If such notice is not given within seven (7) days, the goods shall be deemed to conform with the terms of the agreement and buyer shall be bound to accept and pay therefore in accordance with the terms of this agreement.  buyer shall not return any goods without seller’s prior written authorization.  If seller approves return of goods which are not defective.  Seller reserves the right to charge a fifteen percent (15%) restocking charge.
Claims for shortages or damages must be filed within seven (7) days of the pickup or delivery date.  Any claims filed after seven (7) days are disallowed.  Since EPIC Steel packages it’s products as described in the packaging, panel cutting, & policy sections of the terms & conditions, any claims after seven (7) days for water markings, staining and “white rusting” of material will not be honored by EPIC Steel.
Force Majeure
Neither seller nor buyer shall be responsible to the other for any delay or default in performing its obligations hereunder if cause by fire, strike, riot, war, an act of God, delay of carriers, governmental order or regulation, complete or partial shutdown of it’s plant, inability to obtain sufficient raw materials or product, or the death, injury, disease or sickness of a person integral to the performance of this agreement.  In the event of a Force Majeure event, either buyer or seller shall have the rights to cancel this agreement.
We will be pleased to ship your order on common carrier, F.O.B. EPIC Steel 6574 US Highway 10 West, Missoula, MT 59808. Local deliveries will be scheduled through an Epic Steel approved local transport service. We strive to maintain competitive transport rates; please call for current pricing.
Gauging System
EPIC Steel follows the national A.I.S.I. (American Iron and Steel Institute) specification manual for tolerances in galvanized sheet steel. All gauges conform to ASTM: A525, A606, A653, A924 Grade E (80,000 min. yield) or Grade D (50,000 min. yield) unless otherwise designated at time of order.
Opening an Account
EPIC Steel is happy to offer lines of credit to customers that qualify. Customers must complete an EPIC Steel credit application and allow at least 10 business days to be approved. When an account is approved, the first order must be paid in full prior to opening any line of credit. No order will be released on credit without an approved credit application. EPIC Steel reserves the right to suspend credit indefinitely or require cash payment upon pickup or delivery to any customer whom we deem necessary.
Order Acceptance
Completing and fulfilling orders by EPIC Steel is contingent upon the availability of materials.  Customer purchase order’s will only be accepted, based strictly on the following terms:

  • Orders must be placed via email, phone, fax, or in person at our office.  Those being sent by email, need to be confirmed and emailed back to epicsteelcorp@aol.com, or an appropriate salespersons email address before production will begin.  Those orders being faxed or made in person must be signed & dated, releasing EPIC Steel of liability for material type. quantities, and lengths.
  • Purchase orders given over the phone will be produced at the sole risk of the customer placing the order.  EPIC Steel will not, under any circumstance, be held responsible for any mistakes occurring as a result of an order placed via telephone, rather the individual or company under whom the purchase order is made will be held accountable.

Ordering Instructions
All orders are to be faxed, emailed, taken by phone, or given in person to EPIC Steel.  In order to input the order most effectively and with little error, please have the following information ready: Epic Steel Order Form PDF

  • Company Name as Stated on Account Information
  • Purchase Order Number and/or Job Name
  • Shipping Information
    • Destination Name
    • Destination Address
    • Directions to destination if not available on Google Maps
  • Desired Carrier
  • Shipping Date
  • Extraordinary Handling/Shipping Information
  • Preliminary Lien Information
  • Profile Type, Gauge, Color, Cutting List
  • Accessories (closures, mastic, sealants, etc.)
  • Standard Trim
  • If custom trim is desired, a full sheet profile with exact dimensions must be
  • provided
  • Fasteners
  • Flat Sheets
  • Payment Information

Roofing, siding and trim are packaged using protective packaging to protect the goods during transport.  Storage recommendations are provided at the front office to help ensure the goods are stored correctly before installation.
The customer, however, should take whatever steps necessary to ensure the goods remain dry after transport or delivery.  Roofing and siding panels are protected with plastic sheeting or cover panels and fastened together with wood battens.  Additional wood skids will be used when deemed appropriate by EPIC Steel for that order.  Additional crating charges may apply to specific orders.  This kind of protection helps ensure the goods are not damaged during shipping handling, and storage.
Panel Cutting
When cutting painted panels, ensure the metal particles and fragments do not end up on the painted surface. Metal particles on the painted surface will result in rusting and pitting in that area. EPIC Steel suggests that the panel be turned upside down and all cutting be done looking at the backside of the material. Installers should be certain to wipe away any debris from the material after cust to prevent this problem. Panels should be cut in an area where the metal particles do not end up on other panels or building materials. Failure to remove metal particles from the panels results in a voided warranty.
EPIC Steel assumes no responsibility for materials after they are picked up or delivered to the customer.  EPIC Steel is not responsible for any goods left unprotected or stored incorrectly by the customer that results in damage or white rust to the panel.
Price Quotes are valid for a period of thirty (30) days.  However, prices are subject to change without further notice to buyer at any time prior to acceptance by buyers order to sellers home office.
Prices are F.O.B. 6574 US Highway 10 West, Missoula, MT 59808 unless otherwise indicated in the agreement.  Prepayment of freight by seller will not convert this agreement to F.O.B. destination.  Rather, seller will be considered to have advanced freight charge on behalf of buyer.
We strive to maintain consistent pricing. Orders will be invoiced at, and are subject to payment at published prices and exact quantities shipped or picked up. Errors will be re-billed at the correct published price and quantity shipped.
Only stock accessories may be returned if they are deemed in resalable condition. Stock items being screws, flashers, closures, and underlayment. A restocking fee of fifteen percent (15%) can be applied to all returned merchandise. Customers requested returns must be made within thirty (30) days of invoice date and written approval must be granted by EPIC Steel prior to the return.
Shipment & Delivery
Any shipment or delivery date specified in this agreement is an estimate only.  No warranty of a shipment or delivery date is made herein unless in writing and specifically agreed to by seller.  In no event shall seller be liable for damages or expenses of buyer resulting from any such delay in shipment or delivery of goods, unless a specified date of shipment or delivery has been guaranteed as specified herein.
Buyers acceptance of goods delivered here under shall constitute a complete waiver of any and all claims which buyer may have against seller for damages, cost or expenses resulting from late delivery of goods.
Storage Instructions
If metal roofing or siding panels are not to be used immediately, the panels should be stored in a cool dry place. It should be unbundled and stood on end indoors if possible. It is very important to store the panels in a dry, well ventilated area. If the product cannot be stored indoors, elevate one end of the bundle to allow any moisture to run off while being stored. Do not store panels in direct contact with the ground. Make sure to put some type of block under the load when set on the ground. Ensure that there is good air flow around the entire bundle to avoid moisture buildup around the bundle. Moisture trapped between the panels will cause paint to bubble and white rust to form. EPIC Steel assumes no liability for panels that are not used immediately after being purchased.
Terms of Payment
Net 30 Days on approved credit lines. Discounts are not allowed on cash sales or freight charges. On late payments, a service charge of eighteen percent (18%) per annum, or the maximum allowed by law, will be applied to all invoices over 30 days. All purchase orders not operating on a line of credit must pay ½ down before the order will be produced and paid in full upon pickup.
The title and ownership of goods herein shall remain with seller until final payment has been made in full. If payment is made by check, note or similar writing, title and ownership shall not pass until such check, note or similar writing shall have been accepted and seller has been fully paid in legal tender.
White Rust/Oxidation
White rust on bare galvanized metal is the result of zinc oxidation in the absence of air or oxygen. This occurs in coil or bundles of sheet metal that are nested and absorb moisture from humidity in the air or direct rainfall. The oxidation appears as a white chalky buildup on the surface of the metal. This can be stopped by applying a vinegar solution or light oil, such as WD-40.
Will Call
Will Call orders will be packaged before the customers arrival to facilitate quick loading. Seller reserves the right to charge a five percent (5%) storage fee for any order left in storage ten (10) days after completion, every week until it’s picked up or delivery is scheduled by the customer.
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